PhD thesis

PhD thesis takes all your time, but is writing it moving slowly? In modern conditions, there is practically no free time – everyone has to work a lot. And the degree of candidate of science is postponed indefinitely. But there is a way out of any situation. Candidate dissertation can be custom-written by doctors and candidates of science, highly qualified specialists in law, economics, psychology, pedagogy and other sciences. The degree of candidate of science is the first academic degree. It is awarded by the dissertation council after defending a thesis. The candidate thesis should be competently framed in accordance with the requirements. Then it needs to be protected. The applicant must submit:

  • solving a problem that is important for a particular field of knowledge,
  • the presentation of scientifically grounded technical, economic or technological developments that are of great importance for the economy or for ensuring the country’s defense capability.

The applicant must have published articles in journals from a special list of recommended sources for publications. Every novice scientist can order dissertation writing online.

Doctoral dissertation

People who have successfully graduated from universities and who are not indifferent to scientific achievements enroll in a doctoral program. This is the “forge” of scientific personnel. A person is attracted to doctoral dissertation after obtaining a master’s degree and candidate of science. PhD with the recommendation of the university department enters the doctoral program. The decision on admission is made by the University Academic Council.

In order to enroll in a doctoral program, you need to find a subsequent job, for example, at a university or research institute. It is at the place of work (possibly future) that the direction is taken to study in the doctoral program of an employee – a candidate of science. After the doctoral dissertation is defended and training is completed, the employee is employed under the contract. Usually a doctoral thesis is written for three years. All this time, the candidate for a dissertation is entitled to a state scholarship and two months of vacation per year.

You can study in person and you can work or work part-time. There is a significant difference between a doctor of science and a candidate – a whole level of scientific qualification. If you need a dissertation, but you do not have time to write it, then you can always seize this paper from specialized dissertation writing company.